Study in China

Chinese Language and Chinese Culture Studies Shanghai University 2011

Program Highlights

  • Mandarin Chinese Study – an ever more important language in today’s global society
  • Explore Shanghai’s urban sophistication, fine arts, spectacular museums, culinary fusion and world-class entertainment
  • Enjoy overnight trip to the beautiful and picturesque Hangzhou and Suzhou

About Shanghai

Shanghai is no doubt one of the most exciting cities in the world today. The city epitomizes the unprecedented Chinese drive towards economic modernization, technological innovation, social development and cultural renaissance. Shanghai is where the old and new, East and West meet and merge in spectacular fashion. No wonder Shanghai is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most popular study destinations for international students. In 2010, Shanghai will host the World Expo 2010. No effort will be spared to show that Shanghai has become one of the most marvelous and vibrant metropolises of this world. A perfect time to experience one of the world’s most dynamic cities in its finest moment!

About Shanghai University

Shanghai University is one of the key institutions of higher learning in Shanghai directly under the Municipal Government and on the list of national “Project 211″ in China. We have the glorious tradition and reputation. At the beginning of 1920′s Shanghai University educated a lot scholars an patriotic personage who enjoy the great prestige both at home and abroad. The new Shanghai University still carry forward the tradition, excellent spirit and cultivated many outstanding talents for socialist modernization drive.

Program Information

  • Duration

8 weeks

  • Course Information

Chinese Language Studies: 20 hours for per week

  • Activities and Field Trips
    • Campus Tour
    • Welcome Party
    • Overnight Trip to Hangzhou and Suzhou
    • Visit the Yu Garden
    • City-sighting include Visiting Jinmao Tower, Riverside Park
    • Chinese Acrobatics Show
    • Visit Shanghai Museum
    • Pujiang Boat Cruise
  • Accommodations

The CIE will do the last decisions of the accommodation arrangement.

Rooms have double bed room with TV, AC, Telephone, shower, bathroom and Internet

Fee: RMB 45 for Per person per day.

  • Food

The Students’ Canteen, RMB 15 for Per person per day include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The Guests’ Restaurant, RMB 50 for Per person per day include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Fees

Application Fees: RMB410

Tuition Fees: RMB4600

Activities Fees: RMB700

The fees for overnight trip: RMB1100

  • Other


All students are required to live on campus unless there are special circumstances. Rooms at the International Residence Hall are single occupancy with their own bathroom. There has a shared kitchen and a shared laundry area with washer each floor. The Residence Hall provides housing to students from all over the world. A variety of cafeterias provide delicious foods daily and supermarkets, convenience stores and open markets are located nearby.

How to apply?

Application date

Applications are accepted before the application deadline for each session, students can go to the application place personally to handle the procedures or entrust others to do this. At the same time, application by post is also accepted.

Application qualification

Applicants should be healthy foreign citizens who are 18 years old or above and study in the bachelor program.

Application Materials

  • Shanghai University foreign student application form
  • Passport copies
  • Two pieces of photos (in passport size)

Attentions: No matter whether you are recruited or not, the above materials will not be returned. Besides, if there are documents which can prove your comprehensive abilities such as award certificates, diplomas and so on, please submit these when applying. There is greater chances to be preferential recruited.

Applying and recruiting procedures

  • Step 1:

Applicant can ask SHU International Exchange College admissions office for the Application form via fax, telephone, letters or emails.

  • Step 2:

Applicants should send the application materials to the SHU International Exchange College admissions office.

  • Step 3:

The admissions office will send off the ‘certificate of admission’ and China Visa application form of Foreign exchange students (JW202)

  • Step 4:

Students who are matriculated should take the ‘certificate of admission’ and (JW202) form to the Chinese Embassy at his/her country to apply for a visa.

  • Step 5:

Students who are matriculated should register according to the date and address on the ‘certificate of admission’. Those who can not register on time for some reasons should make explanations to the SHU International Exchange College admissions office. Otherwise, admission qualification will be canceled.


Linkman: Mr. Huanghao or Mr. Xia Yongbin

Address: Admission Office, CIE, Shanghai University

No.149 Yanchang Road, Shanghai, 200072, China

TEL/FAX: +86-21-5633-1820/+86-21-5633-3187