2018 HSK/HSKK Tests of Confucius Institute at Boğaziçi University

1. Test schedule


2. Test Fees


3. Attention

  1. For registration, please prepare these information in advance: your ID Name, ID Card Number, Telephone No, Address, Postal Code…… Please bring Euro(not dollar or TL)and your identification photo in U disk (USB), which has been named your ID number, to the office of Confucius Institute of Boğaziçi University.
  2. In order to help you get better scores, Confucius Institute will provide 5 copies of simulation examination paper for candidates of each level (including listening tests). After registration, you can copy them with your U disk (USB).
  3. On the day of exam, please come to the examination room half an hour in advance, you need bring 2B pencils, erasers, your ID card and admission ticket. Anyone without ID card or admission ticket will not be accepted.
  4. After the exam, you need to wait one month to query results. Method: Log into www.chinesetest.com, enter your name and admission ticket number. And the paper score report will be sent to the Confucius Institute from Beijing Hanban Headquarters 50 days later after the test.
  5. Contacts:


    Nurdan Çağatay:0212-3594-670