2016 Summer Camp

1Metin Say
Istanbul Aydin University
English Language and Literature

A little less than a month ago, I have arrived in Shanghai, China with the goal of having a better understanding of both China and Chinese, and to have some fun of course. A few days later after arrival, we went Suzhou and Hangzhou for two days. Those places were important for me because they are located outside of the Shanghai and with that experience I had a chance to speak and meet with other Chinese people there.

After those 2 days trip, classes have started and after 5 p.m I was free to walk around and explore the city. I went to the Bund with my friend and I have smelled the idiosyncratic air of Shanghai.

Before the departure, we went Nanjing for 2 days and that place was significant because of its history. It helped me a lot to have a better understanding about contemporary China.

Chinese people are so friendly and they usually ask a selfie when they see a foreigner which makes you feel like a rock star. Their kindness amazed me and I felt very happy in every second in China.

Frankly, the taste of the Chinese cuisine is not that bad in contrast to the stereotypes. It is, true that it is a bit hard to get used to it a few days but it is not like people say all the time.

Briefly, China is more than you think and you find something intriguing whenever you go!