My Impression of China

Özyeğin University

The main reason why I wanted to attend Confucius Institute Summer Camp is because I think this camp is a very good opportunity to experience Chinese culture, Chinese foods and life in Shanghai. In addition, I thought it will be a very good opportunity for me to examine the Shanghai University and practice my Chinese skills at the site thanks to this camp.

In the first days when we arrived in China, I was very worried because Chinese culture is very different from our culture. Also, my Chinese speaking was not very good. However, after a couple of days I feel really relaxed because I realized that Shanghai is a very safe city and people are very friendly. Also, even though my Chinese is not very good, I somehow managed to speak with people while sightseeing and shopping.

Shanghai University Yanchang Campus has a very good location. It’s very near to the metro station. Therefore, I was able to explore the Shanghai whenever I wanted. In my opinion, the best location in Shanghai is The Bund because I was really amazed by the view of modern Shanghai in one side of Huangpu River and historic buildings on the other side. Also our boat cruise in the Huangpu River at night was very enjoyable thanks to the delicious foods and colorful city views.

During the camp, we also visited Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing. I think Hangzhou is a beautiful city which is as modern as Shanghai, yet it offers more relaxed lifestyle. View of West Lake and Hangzhou City from on top of the Leifeng Pagoda was breathtaking. In Suzhou and Nanjing, we were able to experience a different side of China. We witnessed more traditional lives and architecture and tasted some local food. Thanks to the trips we made to different cities, I understood that China is kind of a melting pot of many cultures. I realized that all of these different people from different cultures can live in a harmony and be part of the development of modern China.

In conclusion, I believe that this summer camp was a great opportunity for me to experience China within 2 weeks. Thanks to the Confucius Institute Summer Camp, I have seen amazing places, met with new friends from other cultures and had and unforgettable holiday. I am planning to visit China again to see Shanghai and the capital city Beijing.