Two Weeks in Shanghai

1Umut Metin
Koç University
Chemical and Biological Engineering

I did not have any interest in China until last year. In spring semester, one of my friends told me about Confucius Institute in Boğaziçi University and I decided to learn Chinese. After I have started the Chinese course, I loved the language and decided to explore and find out more about China. After 2 weeks of language course, there is no doubt in my mind: I want to visit China and applied to summer camp. We had very difficult times when we are trying to apply for visa. We tried to get a visa for almost 2 months but finally we got it. I was not the end of our difficulties. Our flight has been cancelled due to terrorist attack in Istanbul. So we arrived in Shanghai 2 days late and we were very upset. After the camp started we forget about those difficulties.
I was afraid of not getting used to the Chinese food. But even in the first day, I have tried everything and very enjoyed. I have never gone to a Chinese restaurant unless the ones that tours included. And now in Turkey, I miss some of the Chinese foods I ate there.

Shanghai> Nanjing> Zhujiajiao>Hangzhou> Suzhou. This is the order of the cities according to how much I liked.

This camp changed my future plans. I passed the HSK 2 exam. This summer camp changed my future plans. I am thinking of coming to Shanghai University with HSK scholarship for 1 semester. If I cannot come for language course, I will definitely go to China as a graduate student. Maybe I can even work and live in China for longer times.

I want to thank to Shanghai University, Boğaziçi University and Confucius program. They took us wonderful places and we stayed at incredible hotels. Only problem was communication. Sometimes we cannot understand each other even in English. But this camp also improved my Chinese skills. I will continue learning Chinese. If it is possible I want to join another summer camp.