(English) Students from Confucius Institute at Bogazici University Performed Well in the 17th “Chinese Bridge” Competition

2018.04.28 嘉宾、评委及获奖选手合影

(English) The opening ceremony of the “Turkish Police Chinese Training Course” organized by CIBU was successfully held

2018.04.26 开班仪式合影

(English) Zhang Xiaosong, Director General of Shanghai FAO visited Confucius Institute at Bogazici University

2018.04.18 上海外事办张小松主任与李院长合影

(English) Mr. Cui Wei, Chinese Consul General in Istanbul Visited Bogazici University

2018.04.13 崔总领与海峡孔院学生亲切交流

(English) The Confucius Institute at Bogazici University Held the 2018 Council

2018.04.13 理事会与会人员合影 participants of council

2017-2018 Akademik Yıl Bahar Dönemi Haftasonu Çince Dersleri


Merhaba! Çince haftasonu derslerimiz 04 Mart 2018, Pazar gunu Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Konfüçyus Enstitüsü’nde başlıyor. Herkese açıktır! Kurslar : Her pazar, 15 hafta. 10:00 – 13:00 arası; Sınıf A 14:00 – 17:00 arası; Sınıf B Kurs : Temel Çince 1, 2. Yer : Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Konfüçyus Enstitüsü, F/1, Kare Blok, Kuzey…

The Transformation of China’s Foreign Policy and Its Implications

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Lecture: Chinese Classical Literature and Cultural Communication by Prof. Xiangtao Fan


2018 HSK/HSKK Tests of Confucius Institute at Boğaziçi University


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Managing Cultural Differences Achieving Cultural Integration: A Golden Rule for Success